Campus expansion leads to award winning creek plan at Macquarie Uni

September 2012

Macquarie University, Storm Consulting and Spackman Mossop Michaels have been commended for the Mars Creek Environmental Plan in the Stormwater NSW 2012 Awards for Excellence.

The campus is in line for a massive redevelopment as featured in the Concept Plan 2030.  To ensure the development is sustainable, Macquarie University prepared the plan for Mars Creek, the major creek draining through the campus.

The Mars Creek Environmental Plan incorporates stormwater, riparian and landscape plans integrated to deliver a comprehensive range of environmental outcomes.

The plan provides for creek rehabilitation across four of the six reaches of Mars Creek.  The Reach 1 works are under construction (September – December 2012), demonstrating Macquarie University’s commitment to the plan’s implementation.  The Reach 1 works will provide one of the most impressive creek rehabilitation projects in Australia.  Stay tuned for updates….


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