Commercial building alterations and additions

Existing commercial buildings can present significant challenges in stormwater design

Original systems do not conform to current standards, extensions over many years make it difficult to locate existing systems, and new lines can need to be run through existing buildings.  Storm has faced these challenges and more when working with a client to modify a number of pubs in their property portfolio.

Storm starts by engaging a plumber to inspect the full system by CCTV and trace the location of the pipes.  We then transfer these findings to plans in Autocad to define the existing catchment and allow us to assess the performance of the existing system under current standards.  Areas that are under or near capacity are either proposed for upgrade or avoided in the design of the new system so as not to cause flooding issues.  This ensures that the new system will meet current standards and function satisfactorily.

Storm also provides a range of other services to support commercial, industrial and residential development.  These services include design of On-site Stormwater Detention, overland flow studies, and flood impact assessments.