Fantastic about Plastics

In maintaining our support of the industry, Tommy Plahcinski featured in the latest Stormwater Victoria mini-seminar on Plastics.

Sharing the spotlight with Professor Graeme George, one of Australia’s most experienced polymer scientists, Tommy applied a practicality to the pure scientific detail from Graeme.

Graeme presented on the science behind plastics and their properties and gave an easy to understand message about how various plastics are formed, how they function and how they can be used. Graeme also explained how plastics fail and how to ensure you are using the right plastic for your desired function.

Tommy Plahcinski followed on with a practical presentation on how to design and construct plastic pipes which was largely based on the relevant Australian Standards. Key differences between concrete pipes and plastic pipes were highlighted together with common misconceptions. Issues with the Australian Standards were also addressed with the aim of creating some points for discussion within the industry.

Both Graeme and Tommy spoke on the ways in which the plastics industry can misinform users on the performance of their product. A common link between the two presentations was the issue of creep in plastic materials, which is how strength of a plastic is reduced over time when under load. This was particularly relevant to the consideration of a pipe withstanding loads for a long design life.

The 30 plus attendees responded well to the presentations and interacted with each presenter sparking discussion across the room.