Former B2 road corridor land subdivision in South Turramurra

Storm is very proud to be part of this project team

Construction work has now been completed on the 26 lot subdivision in South Turramurra.

The creek design and water quality strategy defined by Storm Consulting at concept stage has now progressed to construction and are parts of the Turramurra Way success story.

The project, known as Turramurra Way has created exciting opportunities both for people wishing to build their new home and for existing residents.  All can now enjoy the new creek corridor and wetlands along with new link road which includes a shared cycle way and viewing platform over the wetlands.  Soon everyone will enjoy the benefits of the collection of rainwater runoff from the subdivision which is to be used for the watering of Auluba Oval.

Of the 26 new lots 21 have already been sold.  Whilst the date of the auction of the last five lots has yet to be finalised, it is imminent.

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