Green Square stormwater recycling a first in Sydney

The feasibility and viability of stormwater recycling was proven by Storm Consulting.

A new agreement between the City of Sydney and a private water utility will mean thousands of Sydney residents will reduce their use of drinking-quality water by using recycled storm water for their toilets, laundries and gardens.

Green Square Water, wholly owned by Flow Systems Pty Ltd, will use stormwater at 20 sites to service 7,000 residents and 8,500 workers in the fast-growing Green Square neighbourhood.

Green Square Water will design, build and maintain the recycled water network using a parallel plumbing system installed in the new buildings, providing up to 900 kilolitres of recycled water every day.

The agreement builds on engineering, risk and economic investigations conducted by Storm staff for City of Sydney.  Storm reviewed previous proposals to treat stormwater using wetlands and biofiltration systems and dismissed this approach in favour of a three staged purification process of: ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and purification.

The recycled water at Green Square will be cheaper than Sydney Water’s drinking water, so businesses and residents can expect an average $20 drop in their annual water bills.

The recycled water will also be used to irrigate Matron Ruby Park on the old grounds of South Sydney Hospital and the planned library at Green Square.

Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, said the city was pleased to be partnering with Green Square Water to make stormwater available for businesses and residents for the first time – and in a way that benefited the environment and was commercially viable.

“The City is already working hard to reduce mains water demand, increase recycled water use and improve stormwater quality. We are already bringing storm and rainwater harvesting and reuse programs to many of our parks and public buildings.”
View a fantastic video by City of Sydney on Green Square’s decentralised water.