Handing over the reins: SV Presidency

Ralf expects to be a change agent in the Presidency role

Congratulations to Ralf Pfleiderer who is the new President of Stormwater Victoria. Ralf takes over from Storm’s Rod Wiese who held the position for 3 years. Rod the new Vice President ensuring a smooth transition to Ralf in this very active stormwater committee.
“Rod brought a strong business focus to the role and implemented Business Plans, Committee Structures and Systems which will serve SV well into the future” Ralf said. “This has enabled the Committee to get the most out of people’s limited time, Rod was a great asset” he added.
Membership on the SV committee is now highly sought after with no general positions left vacant at the most recent AGM and elections. Another key achievement by the committee under Rod was the hosting the National Stormwater Conference with great success which saw a large increase in members.
In relation to his own plans in the role, Ralf said “I expect to be more of a change agent and I would like to bring more expertise from those at the end of the construction cycle to provide feedback into how better to plan and design WSUD and IWCM systems. I would also like to bring in more student involvement to the industry” he added.
We wish Ralf luck in his new appointment, and we look forward to continuing our great partnership with Stormwater Victoria with Ralf at the helm.