It’s Awards Season……

…….and Storm are poised to showcase some of our great projects to the industry. We are very excited to be a finalist in three categories at the Stormwater Victoria Awards for 2014. Off the back of a win for Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Management with our Bibby’s Place Project in New South Wales, these next three projects are ready to step up and be recognised.

For Excellence in Infrastructure we have submitted “Fernhill Road Infiltration Arches”.  The goal of the project is to protect the nearby Little Stringybark Creek (LSC) from excess polluted inflows. Fernhill Road, being over a kilometre long, generated significant pollution and runoff to the Little Stringybark Creek.  Although numerous infiltration gardens were constructed in the street, they weren’t enough. More infiltration gardens were needed to be installed however services in the ground prohibited this and there was also concerns from the residents that the basins would affect the safety and amenity of the area.  A new infiltration system was required to deal with the concerns of the residents, the goals of the LSC project team and also the maintenance requirements of Council. The constructed system does exactly that by capturing polluted runoff and infiltrating into the surrounding soil while being easy to maintain and discrete

For Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design we have submitted “Integrated Water Farm Plan”.  We found that more traditionally, Integrated Stormwater Design has been applied at the broad Greenfields scale with some pocket projects at Council facilities and depots.  Ordinarily these sorts of projects have been the focus of government departments and the development sector.  Storm and Melbourne Water re-fashioned these ideas and applied them to the commercial function of established container nurseries with great success.  Through site inspections and extensive discussions with the property managers, we analysed the current practices and modelled the impact of simple integrated measures such as lining dams to retain more water, introducing lined cutoff drains to capture more runoff and how future expansion plans could be converted into opportunities.  The ideas were simple, easily implemented and encouraged some key players in this small community to utilise new farming practices that will protect the waterway, and importantly to them: provide more water security.

For Excellence n Policy or Education we have submitted “Hume Industrial Stormwater Code”.  Hume City Council wanted an Industrial Stormwater Code of Practice (ISCP) in order to ensure industrial development does not continue to impact on receiving waters and associated environmental values.   While the ISCP had been developed but Council wanted it refined to make it clearer, less onerous and more cost-effective for development proponents and Council assessors.  The key output of this project is a simple modelling tool that can be used by development proponents or Council assessment officers.  A guideline document assists the users of the tool and it is currently being converted to a web-based format.

We’d love to see you at the Gala Dinner to celebrate both our great projects and other teams from the industry.  For more information on the finalists or to book your seat at the dinner, head to