Storm and partners win Stormwater Victoria Award of Excellence for Research, Innovation and Education

October 2012

This prestigious award was conferred on 6th September for development and implementation of the STORM Pesticide Model.  This model was developed a as predictive and management tool to ensure pesticides applied to golf courses would not adversely affect river ecosystems and drinking water quality.

The STORM Pesticide Model is unique as being the first in the world to combine climate factors with pesticide decay rates and trigger values.  It is used to predict and prevent the escape of toxic pesticides to aquatic environments by controlling the timing and quality of pesticide application.  partners in this award include Storm Consulting, and consultants Ecos and Artura.  The model’s creator Rod Wiese stated “the STORM Pesticide Model has global application for the protection of human health and ecosystems.”

The judges of the award were impressed with the level of research that went into the models and the manner in which it stood up to peer review.

The award was conferred as part of the Stormwater Victoria Awards of Excellence held on September 6th at Riverside Function Centre.

Being a winner in its category, the project is automatically escalated to the Stormwater Industry Association National Awards of Excellence to be announced at the Stormwater 2012 National Conference, held in Melbourne October 15 – 19.

Storm Consulting is proud to be sponsor of the dinner and awards ceremony at Stormwater 2012.