Storm supporting growth in Sydney’s Growth Centres

Storm provides a range of services to developers, planners, surveyors and other engineers

Our services can be tailored to your requirements; we can provide specialist water management services as part of a larger team, or provide a full civil engineering design service for small to medium sites.

Storm’s work in this area builds on our successful work in the North West Growth Centre as part of the team delivering the final stage of The Ponds on behalf of Urban Growth NSW.  Our work on this project, and a proposed supermarket nearby at Schofields, made Storm one of the first consultants to work under the Alex Avenue Precinct DCP and Part R (Water Management) of Blacktown City Council’s DCP.  We have since used our knowledge of Council’s requirements on a number of residential subdivisions in the Schofields/Riverstone area to great success.

Storm has also provided engineering services on numerous rural residential subdivisions in Sydney’s North.  Many of these subdivisions have been made possible by The Hills Shire Council’s recent DCP which provides for “Cluster Subdivision”, in which smaller residential lots are permitted in exchange for retention and maintenance of environmentally sensitive areas.  Storm has been working on Cluster Subdivisions since the early days of the DCP’s adoption, having started on one of the first ten projects proposed under these provisions.  Storm’s experience in this area means that we are very familiar with Council’s requirements and this makes for a smoother approval process.