Storm’s Audit and Rectification Program

At Storm we are regularly approached by our municipal clients to audit existing infrastructure and provide advice on how to improve its performance. We offer this service to all of our clients in a bid to improve the functionality of their stormwater infrastructure and ultimately improve the quality and quantity of flows entering our waterways.

The clients that enter our program are normally disappointed with the performance of their assets and are looking for reasons why it doesn’t achieve  the results expected.  Without any background to the project, we often begin by discussing the situation with the asset manager then analyse the design plans and reports to grasp the intended outcome.  A site inspection is a must and involves opening pit lids, walking the site, looking for signs of erosion, leaking, vegetation growth/death and clogging. We may need to engage external support from surveyors, geotechs or CCTV contractors to get the bigger picture on whats going on. For stormwater harvesting projects we will also run some rudimentary or comprehensivemodelling to determine what yield we would expect.  We are often surprised by our clients informed expectation on yield and find our computations to be more realistic.    With over 50 stormwater harvesting projects in the ground, we are finding more of our municipal clients are asking us to design and integrate a more sophisticated pump house and filtration system into their existing and functioning projects.

Many construction contractors have provided positive feedback on our design.  The typical comments suggest that they have more confidence in the design quality and minimal errors so that they can reduce the risks margins on their Tenders.  We also find that the inexperienced contractors can often be engaged which leads to making incorrect assumptions or even changing the design to suit implied conditions. We often partner with contractors in a design/construct contract and would be happy to share in our preferred alliances.  Whilst we can also provide support during a projects construction we tend to be called in after the fact to resolve the issue. We balance risk against cost and functionality to provide the best outcome for our clients.

As an example, for the Bolin Bolin project we peer reviewed and later re-designed the project for Manningham City Council.  Lachlan Johnson (Strategic Projects Manager at Council  wrote: “This is yet another example of the professionalism and innovative thinking that Storm have brought to this project.  We are truly grateful for team’s efforts and I am confident that the project would’ve fallen over long ago without your assistance.”

If you’d like us to come out and review your struggling raingarden or wetland, or maybe your stormwater harvesting system isn’t yielding the volumes you expected, give us a call in Melbourne on (03) 9208 0111 or Sydney on (02) 9499 4333.  We would be happy to start the conversation and improve water quality for all of us.