Meet the Team

Melbourne Office
Rod Wiese
Managing Director & Principal Engineer of Storm Consulting
B Eng – Civil (Hons) FIEAust

Rod has 24 years experience as a Civil/Environmental Engineer initially in State government, then in the consulting arena.  Rod formed STORM in 1997 and has since operated at a senior role to plan and deliver sustainable stormwater/drainage and wastewater solutions. Over the last few years STORM has been privileged to receive numerous Victorian, NSW and national awards for various categories in stormwater management including Stormwater Harvesting and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD). 

Rod is regularly invited to contribute to forums and technical discussions or deliver presentations and workshops on WSUD-related issues. He is also invited to discuss introduction of innovative stormwater management practices into various projects.  Rod also has the privilege of serving on the committee in the Victorian Chapter of the Stormwater Industry Association previously holding the positions of President & Vice President of Stormwater Victoria.

Melbourne Office
Tommy Plahcinski
Team Leader, Victoria & Senior Civil Engineer
B Eng – Civil (Hons)

Tommy is a Civil Engineer with over 7 years experience, previously employed at Moonee Valley Council, he has a good understanding of Council’s operational requirements, capacity and preferences for maintenance as well as a thorough understanding of the design requirements. This experience has been directly applied at his recent role with Shire of Yarra Ranges where he provided engineering and construction support.

Tommy is a competent investigations and design engineer with experience in investigating, designing and delivering WSUD, stormwater harvesting systems, flood mitigation measures and other civil infrastructure including roads and drainage. He also has qualifications and experience in Project Management which strengthens his role as a key member of the Little Stringybark Team delivering many projects from inception to completion.

Sydney Office
David Hellot
Environmental Engineer
Master of Water Engineering

David has more than 12 years experience in environmental design, engineering and construction supervision. David is a specialist and innovative designer of stormwater and wastewater treatment wetlands and riparian restoration projects. He has a very keen eye for seeing and designing waterway landscapes in 3D, instinctively knowing constraints and opportunities. David also has a flair for innovative waterway designs whereby he loves to develop ideas and push hydraulic design outside the envelope of conventional thinking. 
David also has a strong ability in GIS mapping for environmental outcomes and is highly skilled in site constraints analysis. David grew up in the Normandy region of France spending his childhood “messing about in rivers”, building dams and turbines. He began his career as a stormwater and wastewater design technician.

David has designed and supervised the construction of many creek rehabilitation projects in Sydney and beyond. He is a specialist in this field. 
He has an advanced diploma of water management; an advanced diploma in the management and protection of the natural environment and a graduate diploma in environmental science from the Savoie University. He is currently studying a Masters in Water Resource Management at UTS, Sydney.

Sydney Office
Ryan Xu
Civil Engineer
B Eng – Environmental (Hons)

Ryan is a civil engineer with over 4 years of experience in project management and the design of road and stormwater systems. Ryan has an impressive eye for detail and never leaves any uncertainty. Since working at Storm, Ryan has utilised and mastered a variety software platforms including AutoCAD Civ3D, DRAINS, and MUSIC.
Ryan has managed civil projects involving stormwater modelling (quality and quantity), road/kerb design and reconstruction as well as flood analysis. He has prepared numerous Stormwater Management Plans across the eastern seaboard and is well versed in Council DCP’s and Specifications.


Melbourne Office
Matthew Gaite
Civil Engineer
B Eng – Civil (Hons)

Matthew is a Civil Engineer with a background of civil design supporting structural engineers in the integration of their buildings with the surrounding environment.  He appreciates how the Australian Standards relate to building and how built form can interact so therefore understands how to reduce the risks in the longer term.

Matthew has further extended his skills to undertake key drainage design for the domestic, commercial and industrial spaces to protect buildings, improve water quality and meet the expected standards.

He is well versed in the use of AutoCAD and undertakes drainage design from first principles showing a thorough appreciation for fundamental engineering functions.

Sydney Office
Lachlan John
Civil Engineer
B Eng (Civil) Dip Eng Prac

Lachlan is a civil engineer who has worked in both private and public sectors in land and infrastructure planning and development, water and sewer rehabilitation and wastewater treatment. He has also travelled extensively to teach university students and represent Australia in numerous programs in the Americas and Asia.

Through his experience, Lachlan has developed an appreciation for Local Government requirements and processes. He always strives to ensure the relationship between government organisations, including councils and authorities, and the private sector remains amicable and productive. ​

More recently, Lachlan has managed the assessment of 60-100 lot residential subdivisions for a regional council, as well as many other smaller developments within the local government area.

Lachlan is proficient in the use of AutoCAD and drains, and is always expanding his technical repertoire.

Sydney Office
Marcia Amir-Abdollahian
Civil & Environmental Engineer
PhD Eng (Civil & Environmental)

Marcia is a Civil Engineer with more than 3 years of experience as a civil engineer in hydraulics and water resources systems.  She also has more than 5 years experience as a researcher/scientist in hydraulics and hydrogeology and contamination in ground water systems.   Specifically, Marcia has undertaken numerous stormwater management, flood modelling and flood mitigation projects. She is competent in hydraulic simulation of surface water and ground water systems using HEC-RAS, TUFLOW, MODFLOW and GIS. She has experience in updating stormwater drainage designs using DRAINS and water distribution networks using EPANET and WaterGEMS.

Marcia has a deep theoretical understanding of water resource systems and has spent the last 4 years researching new ideas and developing new methods with funding from the Commonwealth of Australia. Her project focused on developing user-friendly software to characterize sources of contamination in complex groundwater systems. She has presented her research results in various conferences and technical journals.

Melbourne Office
Vince Zhao
Civil Engineer
B Eng - Civil (Hons)

Vince is a Civil Engineer with four years’ experience in road and drainage design projects. He has completed numerous civil projects with experience managing projects from concept to detailed design. Vince has used a variety of modelling tools covering 3D design, hydraulics and water quality. More specifically Vince has a strength in road design, water sensitive urban design and on site detention.  His extensive experience with road widening style projects has developed a complex set of design skills that apply across a broad range of projects.  Understanding the blending of surfaces, interaction of authority services and concrete assets like driveways and footpaths make Vince an asset to our urban design team.  His conscientious approach and attention to detail ensures a high quality design output at every stage.