B2 creek storm events

B2 has been subject to two storm events in December 2014 estimated to be a 50 year storm and 10 year storm for 2 hours

Some erosion is to be expected in the creek during major events such as these resulting in some minor disturbance to the creek. The site is currently in the establishment phase and vegetation has not yet fully provided bank protection. The works have withstood these major events very well considering it was only recently constructed.  Once  the vegetation has matured the creek will be stable in these large events.

Vegetation plays an important role for scour protection. In collaboration with the landscape architect, Storm used the riparian vegetation in both protection roles. Toe armouring with live vegetation is helping to create a good protection and will increase the shear resistance to detachment of soil particles. Planting at the bank top is providing protection by increasing the soil shear strength due to roots anchoring and plant transpiration (increasing the matrices suction around the roots for trees and shrubs species).