Banyule’s Rethink Centre……….making us all re-think our stormwater

Banyule City Council’s Rethink Centre is located at their Bellfield depot and offers school and general interest groups an entertaining yet eye opening experience about how we function in our day to day lives.

The aim of the program is to take you on a fun and informative journey on how to avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle in our world.

To complement this great message inside the building, Storm worked with council to improve their stormwater quality outside.  Using their high profile forecourt, we worked closely with landscape architects LandArche ( to develop an innovative mix of water quality assets.  We designed raingarden planter boxes to filter the stormwater from the roof that was high in particulates due to the functioning Material Recovery Facility (MRF) on site.  This water then pours out of the planter box at the base onto permeable pavers to showcase their ability to transfer the water from the surface to the drains below.  Higher flow events are then treated in another raingarden on the other side of the forecourt which also irrigates some greenery aimed to reduce the intense heat in the area.

Constructed in 2011, we took the opportunity to revisit the project and see how it’s coping with the assets.  We can see that the vegetation is thriving which showcases just how well the system is functioning.