Barangaroo South WSUD Strategy

A key pillar of delivering sustainability across Barangaroo South is WSUD

Barangaroo on the western edge of Sydney’s CBD is set to become one of the most iconic city redevelopment and renewal projects in the world.  Lend Lease is working feverishly to plan and build Barangaroo South which will be home to a fantastic mixed use commercial and residential waterfront precinct.  It will be a place designed to reflect the relaxed atmosphere of Sydney and its people.  It will be a place for the people to connect to the harbour on the city’s western fringe.  It will complete the Sydney CBD.

Barangaroo will demonstrate world’s best practice in many categories, not least sustainability.  And a key pillar of delivering sustainability across Barangaroo South is Water Sensitive Urban Design.  Lend Lease engaged Storm to test the design for WSUD opportunity, to integrate it into the fabric of the development.

This is particularly challenging given the constraints of the site.  Storm worked with a multi-disciplinary team to identify and test for WSUD feasibility to ensure the right approaches, materials, finishes and products are selected that will work in an integrated manner and which will be compatible with the high pedestrian traffic places that are being created.

A key theme of WSUD is to be able to tell a water story that people can relate to and connect with.  Making stormwater visible in the urban landscape is a key outcome.  Harvesting of stormwater for beneficial uses that reduce mains water consumption is also being investigated.

Over the next few months, Barangaroo South’s design will be finalised and so too will the WSUD elements.  Stay posted for updates during this exciting time.

Ben Wolfgramm of Storm was Project Manager and presented Barangaroo South WSUD  to a full room at the WSUD Conference on the Gold Coast in November 2013.