Birds eye view of Cockatoo Island water savings

Cockatoo Island is an iconic heritage-listed destination in Sydney Harbour which was recently opened up to the community by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust.

The Trust has retained all the character and heritage from decades of human endeavour by convicts and shipbuilders alike.  The island has undergone a renaissance and opened its doors to all with features including conference centre, business and holiday accommodation and a world-first urban waterfront campground.

It is in these iconic locations that Storm really loves to work.  Our role here was to design and assist in the installation of rainwater tanks and stormwater harvesting.  Eight harvesting points are located across the southern apron and plateau precinct where large roof expanses yield high volumes of rainwater, captured and stored in different ways.

Stormwater harvesting is fed from the island’s plateau (1.2 Ha).  Smaller intercept tanks enable local harvesting before water is transferred to a 1.1 ML central storage.

Together, the systems save 10 million litres of water per annum providing toilet flushing, and irrigation.