Blue Mountains Business Park

Industrial Park re-development protects World Heritage

The revitalisation of the Lawson Industrial Estate into a re-branded clean technology Blue Mountains Business Park came about as a means by which Council could improve employment and business opportunities within their LGA. Blue Mountains City Council successfully applied for Federal grant funding which allowed investment in the Lawson Industrial Estate.

In taking a socio-economic decision to revitalise the Lawson Industrial Estate, Council seized upon the opportunity to deliver on key sustainability features through re-development of the public realm.

Council engaged Storm to prepare an Integrated WSUD Management Strategy providing a balanced and integrated approach to the management of stormwater in the Business Park. The notion was to re-develop the Business Park to protect the sensitive and vulnerable receiving waters and environments in the World Heritage National Park just downstream.

The project demonstrates all of the essential ingredients of an integrated Master Planning project for stormwater as exemplified by the following:

  • It is complimentary to broader strategic planning. There is a emphasis on liveability and sustainability.
  • It defines realistic objectives for Blue Mountains developments specifically focussed on protecting the receiving waters – which is what sustainability is all about.
  • It demonstrates the contemporary principle of disconnecting impervious catchments
  • It is fully implementable – we know this because it has been implemented

The retrofit of WSUD in the industrial estate has provided an excellent outcome for the sensitive and vulnerable receiving environment in the Blue Mountains.  Pollutants and flow rates and volumes are substantially reduced.  When individual developments are proposed on lots, they will also include a WSUD treatment train with the cumulative effect of furthering the environmental benefits downstream in the World Heritage National Park.

Most importantly, this project has provided Council with a repeatable WSUD planning and implementation strategy that will enable them to roll out the benefits across the entire LGA over the long term. They used the project to provide capacity building in such a way to ensure they will be confident to deliver other WSUD projects.

The Blue Mountains Business Park WSUD Strategy won the 2011 Award of Excellence in the category of Strategic/Master Planning, conferred by Stormwater NSW.

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