Box Hill gardens

Innovative tree irrigation ticks the boxes, scores Award

Box Hill Gardens is a popular parkland space in the city of Whitehorse in Melbourne.  It contains highly valued trees which characterise the parkland.  The trees suffered greatly during Melbourne’s extended drought and were at risk of dying.

City of Whitehorse Council engaged Storm to design a stormwater harvesting scheme to irrigate the trees and lawn areas and at the same time to top up the ornamental pond.  This would save a lot of potable water and ensure sustainable water management within Box Hill Gardens.

After complex water balance analysis, Storm designed an irrigation system that delivered the exact amount of harvested stormwater to each tree on an individual basis.  By turning on the tap for an hour – each tree would receive just the right amount of water, based on age, species and size.

To achieve this, a 600 KL tank was provided with a ring main around Box Hills Gardens.

A separate stormwater harvesting scheme provides top-up water for the ornamental pond.  The pond was converted to a wetland to provide additional treatment of the stormwater before discharge.

City of Whitehorse was conferred a Merit Award in the Stormwater Infrastructure category of the Stormwater Victoria Awards of Excellence 2012, held at Rivers Edge on 6th September.

Congratulations to our client, City of Whitehorse.