Duck Pond, Victoria Park

Dubbo City Council proposed to progressively rehabilitate the Rotary Ponds Precinct of Victoria Park taking into consideration the initially intended design character of traditional Victorian era parkland.   

To maintain the site heritage, elements of the pond shapes and trees were to remain in an augmented perimeter to enhance the open water expanse and highlighted with relocation of the fountain.  Storm worked with Council to develop options for the rehabilitation which was progressed into a detailed design and recently constructed.

The original pond required considerable top-up from mains water supply which was ceased during drought periods.  This would lead to deterioration of water quality exacerbated by the water bird population as well as site amenity.  The solution was to direct roof water from adjacent buildings and overflow back to street drainage with the overflow managed at the buildings so that duplication of drainage was not required.  This minimises the need for top-up from mains water.

A recirculation system was designed by Storm to reduce stagnation and improve water quality.  Reedbeds were designed into the pond so that water drawn from potentially stagnant areas are pumped to the reedbeds (South or North of both) for treatment.  This required a relatively high flow rate to minimise stagnation.  A lower rate pump was used for the fountain where the same recirculation principal was adopted.

These pumps are designed to deliver water through filters that cope with algae and are controlled by computers for operation.  The pumps can also be used to drain the pond for maintenance purposes.  The system can be expanded to include disinfection and aeration if there are high organic/pathogen loads from the water birds.