Glenbervie Road, Strathmore – Stormwater Detention & WSUD

City of Moonee Valley Council identified a risk of flooding downstream of Glenbervie Road due to trapped low points and an under-capacity pipe network. The site is very restricted, with residential development both upstream and downstream that is built almost boundary to boundary.

Although an easement exists over the pipe it would be very disruptive and prohibitively expensive to augment the pipe downstream of this site as well as further downstream in the next block.

Council engaged Storm to develop a solution to the flooding problem. The preferred solution was detention to minimise the need for pipe augmentation through downstream properties but there is little area available for this type of structure. Council also desired water quality improvement at this same location so this was going to be a real challenge.

Storm developed a below-ground design for the detention that was able to be incorporated into the road median. Modelling demonstrated that the 10 year ARI critical flow is then able to be contained within the downstream stormwater pipe network. The stormwater quality improvement is achieved along Glenbervie Road and some adjacent houses utilising raingardens in the same median.

Storm developed detailed 1- and 2-D hydraulic models to assess the reduction in flooding resulting from the detention system. Storm also sized the raingarden using MUSIC modelling to ensure Council water quality targets were met. The end result achieves effective OSD and stormwater quality improvement in a highly constrained area and in a cost effective manner.