Green Square Town Centre – Stormwater Recycling

The feasibility and viability of the stormwater recycling scheme was proven by Storm Consulting.

THE City of Sydney announced that thousands of Sydney residents will reduce their use of drinking-quality water by using recycled stormwater for their toilets and laundries, following a new agreement between the council and a private water utility.

Green Square Water, wholly owned by Flow Systems Pty Ltd, will design, build and maintain the recycled water network using a parallel plumbing system installed in the new buildings, with the water to be purified using methods including ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and chlorination.

The recycled water network will provide up to 900 kilolitres of recycled water for 7,000 residents and 8,500 workers at 20 sites in the Green Square precinct, which is being transformed into a vibrant and sustainable urban environment and expected to attract up to $8 billion in investment.

The feasibility and viability of the stormwater recycling scheme was tested by Storm Consulting using sophisticated analysis and risk assessment.

Green Square is located approximately 4 km south of the city centre and is expected to be home to 50,000 residents by 2030. The City of Sydney is spending more than $400 million to provide infrastructure and community facilities for Green Square.

The recycled water at Green Square will be cheaper than Sydney Water’s drinking water, which is expected to result in an average $20 decrease in annual water bills for residents and businesses. The recycled water will also be used to irrigate Matron Ruby Park on the old grounds of South Sydney Hospital and the planned library at Green Square.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the project was an important step in drought-proofing the city’s future, adding that the council was pleased to be partnering with Green Square Water to make stormwater available for businesses and residents in a way that benefits the environment and is commercially viable.

The project is the first of many being formulated under the City of Sydney’s Decentralised Water Master Plan and is being partially funded through the City and the Australian Government’s National Urban Water and Desalination Plan, part of the Water for the Future initiative.

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