Ingleside Ornamental Pond

Storm was approached to be part of the design and construction team for an ornamental pond at a private residence in Ingleside.

The design aims to create a connection with the surrounding landscape through a thoughtful mixture of existing natural features and integration of site visual line. The low earth-bank is integrated in the surrounding landscape.

Storm proposed to maintain a clear water body with the combination of wetland area and biofiltration zone.

An adequately sized pumping system ensures the water is not stagnant and feeds the biofilration system. An aerating cascade on existing natural sandstone oxygenates the water before it re-enters the pond. The filtration system is based on natural processes, reducing maintenance requirements as the water is sourced from the existing roof water harvesting system and natural runoff.

Plant species were selected for this project based on their capacity to meet four factors:

  • Relevance to the surrounding vegetation community
  • Habitat and food source
  • Hydrology and water quality
  • Aesthetic

Species contribute to the local ecology by providing sustainable food resources, effective feeding, perching and nesting places for a range of faunal groups, eg. birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates.