Kendall & Crescent Head

Stormwater hydraulic studies alleviate coastal flood hotspots

Storm was commissioned separately by Port Macquarie Hastings Council and Kempsey Shire Council for completion of stormwater hydraulic management plans for the coastal townships of Kendall and Crescent Head respectively.   The projects were exactly the same in scope and coastal location, but are some 150km apart.

These towns have limited stormwater infrastructure which was constructed without significant engineering design.  The standards are considered below par at present and as a result flooding hotspots occur where life, property and assets are adversely affected.

The projects involved gathering information on catchments and stormwater infrastructure, and building DRAINS models to accurately represent the hydraulic conditions present for each town. From this model flooding “hotspots” were identified, and in conjunction with community consultation, the priority locations for flood mitigation works were listed. Climate change was factored into the modelling to ensure that the resulting designs would be future-proof.

The types of flood mitigation works include: culvert and pipe amplification, new pits and pipes, and establishment and formalisation of overland flow paths and easements.

Concept designs were then produced for each priority flooding location, along with cost estimates for the works. The reports will be used by the Councils for programming of future stormwater upgrade works within each town.