Little Stringybark Creek

Grass-roots creek protection is a model for future urbanism.

Storm is part of a project alliance team to restore the health of Little Stringybark Creek at Mt Evelyn (Shire of Yarra Ranges) by keeping stormwater in the catchment.

This project represents the most contemporary thinking and approach to stormwater management and it is essentially a scientific, engineering and social trial to determine how successful it can be in paring back impact on our streams.

When we develop land, we connect previously pervious areas directly to creeks, by pipes, etc. This changes creek hydrology and ecology as the creek and its inhabitants are not used to the higher flows and pollution. Therefore, the project is about disconnecting the impervious parts of the catchment from the creek. This means disconnecting roof and driveway runoff at the house lot scale, and road runoff at the street scale.

This is achieved by a combination of rain tanks in which the water is beneficially used, and raingardens and other forms of infiltration – all distributed throughout the catchment.

Storm is the technical project partner working with the LSC team to plan, design and implement these works with the community. We get the chance to work with leading stormwater researchers such as Professor Tim Fletcher and A/Prof Chris Walsh and from Monash University and University of Melbourne respectively. We also get the opportunity to work with the community in planning and designing their own raingardens on their properties, which is a highly rewarding and invaluable experience.

The project will continue into 2013 and at the time of writing, it has delivered 50% of the planned works required to disconnect the catchment from the creek.