Rural Farms making a difference for our creeks and waterways

The Storm team has been working across the Yarra Valley with Melbourne Water’s Rural Lands program for years

We’ve undertaken numerous inspections with a focus on water quality, water reuse and process improvement.  From potted container nurseries to tube stock and even the many berry growers, we’ve analysed the water demands and catchments at a variety of scales.

More recently we’ve been undertaking Drainage and Irrigation Plans, triggered when any grower wants to trade large volumes of extraction rights across our many water ways.  Within these we have been assessing the demands and capability of the land and its crop production to accept the irrigation regimes.  We have also assessed the general production processes on the sites and the manner in which water reports to the adjacent waterways.  It’s important the water is used appropriately and any runoff doesn’t take with it the many pollutants like sediment and nutrients common to large production farms.  Of course all our clients are looking to improve their practices and water quality so it’s such a pleasure to protect our waterways and aquatic habitats.

We are always looking for new farms to work with, so if you see a need for us to help out, don’t hesitate to get in touch!