Passive irrigation of street trees gives Dandenong a boost

The Revitalising Dandenong Initiative aims to rejuvenate the city centre in Melbourne’s growing southeast.  The City of Greater Dandenong has created new street frontages in a pedestrian and cycle-friendly environment.

Paert of the development is the Station North Upgrade and Realignment Project (SNURP) and Council seized the opportunity to install over 100 tree pits which rely on harvested stormwater for passive irrigation. Complex water balance modelling was done by Storm to compare tree stress with that of a tradition street tree with no WSUD. It was found that almost all the water demands of the trees are met by stormwater.  WSUD tree pits require up to 60% less maintenance by Council.

By intercepting stormwater, the tree pits also provide water quality treatment which meets best practice targets for the development.

The bioretention tree pits at SNURP represent one of the first WSUD initiatives within Dandenong.  They seamlessly blend in with the streetscape, enhance amenity and help protect the environment.