South Turramurra Creek Rehabilitation – updated photos

Please see updated photographs from May 2014 including the subdivision tank that will harvest water from the wetland

The left bank and the creek bed are completed. Right bank to be covered by topsoil. The interesting features are the log drop and the spalls/soils mix used at the creek base

Former B2 road corridor land subdivision in South Turramurra between Chisholm Street and Barwon Avenue, South Turramurra, NSW 2074

The site, owned jointly by Council and the NSW Department of Planning, was previously part of the planned B2 road corridor to link the F3 and M2 motorways. This option was abandoned by the then state government in 1996.

The project includes:

  • significant upgrade works along the creek corridor
  • the construction of a new link road between Chisholm Street and Barwon Avenue, South Turramurra
  • the creation of 26 residential lots ranging from 844 square metres up to 1,563 square metres

Storm was engaged to develop the creek restoration component and is now supervising the construction.

Over the 200m reach length, a new creek channel has been created with pools, riffles, planted benches and cascade. Blended into the design is a flooded meadow basin which is activated in higher flows, and a wetland that conveys stormwater from the developed site into a stormwater reuse tank. The creek system is designed around a good level of complexity to improve the site ecological structure. Flood variability, multiple flow paths, various slope, bank treatment and planting have been carefully integrated in the details design.

With a deep understanding of the impact of creeks and swamp on flooding, Storm had the vision to replace the traditional On Site Detention (OSD) by a flooded meadow basin. That basin is activated not only by the pipe network but also by creek flooding above the stream forming flows. That approach is in line with the latest thinking in creek and flood management.
The works result in a creek reach that will be a strong structural element to the site.

With Storm advice and supervision the contractor CIVIL EDGE is taking care of the creek construction.