Stonnington Council depot

New age sustainable depot for City of Stonnington.

Council depots can be drab, dirty and unfriendly places where the operations of Councils move apace.

City of Stonnington set out to design a brand new state-of-the-art Council depot to replace their 100 year old facility in Malvern, Melbourne.  In so doing, they formed a vision of demonstrating to their community their ability to be bold, dynamic and sustainable.

Their vision was realised in 2008 when the Depot opened, revealing a facility at the forefront of sustainability.  Central to that was the role Storm played in water conservation, wastewater recycling and stormwater quality treatment.

The site is 1.5Ha in area with all runoff draining to Gardiners Creek – a tributary of the Yarra River.  This attracted Melbourne Water to fund the sustainable water components of the project under their Living Rivers program to protect the Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay water quality.

Rain tanks, raingardens, permeable pavements and a truckwash recycling system provide this redevelopment site with a strong sustainable water management outcome.

The truck wash system recycles 90% of the water used to wash down garbage trucks.  A robust treatment system was required to handle this high strength waste, and storm specified a Clearmake electrolytic treatment system.

Council’s A/General Manger of City Works, Steve Relf said “we want to show our residents that we are a responsible corporate entity, and felt that leading by example was an ideal way to get the sustainable message out.  Now when you come to the depot, you are surrounded by features that exhibit and demonstrate sustainability – all in an elegant manner”.

The Stonnington Depot project was conferred a 2009 Merit Award of Excellence in the category of Urban Re-development by Stormwater Victoria.

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