Stormwater Harvesting on the Mount

Council gained significant insight into the value of having a good consultant in Storm

Melbourne water has a water supply reservoir in the suburb of Mt Waverley in Melbourne’s east. The storage is surrounded by pine trees that were blowing into the reservoir and leaching tannins into the water supply. So a roof was placed over the reservoir – a bloody big 2Ha roof at that.
A bright spark called Colin Woodbridge had the idea that the adjoining oval was parched and could do with some of that roof runoff for irrigation. Melbourne water, Council, cricket and AFL clubs all thought it was a good idea.
In June 2011, Council was successful in receiving a $160,000 grant for stormwater harvesting at Mount Waverley Reserve as part of the Australian Government’s ‘Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Fund’ and this was matched by Council.
Key project objectives:
1. Improve the security of water supply for sports and recreation facilities and reduce reliance on potable water use by providing about 13ML of recycled water per year.
2. Engage the wider community of Monash, using this demonstration project of holistic water management to encourage industry and the community to explore similar models.
3. Assist the community to save water and provide opportunities for partnership through information and resource sharing.

So City of Monash Council engaged Storm to develop a detailed design of the harvesting scheme.
A clever offtake arrangement is a feature of the design in which water passes through several stages where floatables and settleables are removed prior to storage for irrigation. Several transfer tanks are used and sophisticated plumbing allows each to be individually drained and filled, and all lines can be flushed to remove any sediment build-up.
During the project management and construction stages, Council gained significant insight into the value of having a good consultant. Engagement with a consultant who was experienced in the work made the managing of the project easier for Council and was key to a good outcome.
Since completion in late 2012, the project has been a huge success delivering 13ML of harvested water per annum supplying 80% of the oval’s irrigation needs. This means that the playing surface will be kept in good nick and be safer for all players.

See an informative and entertaining  video of the project