Sydney Olympic Park sustainable development

Sydney Olympic Park is not just the home of sports and entertainment in Sydney.

Sydney Olympic Park is not just the home of sports and entertainment in Sydney. It is and will continue to be developed as a mixed use town centre with commercial and residential development.
Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) is planning for a major redevelopment of its town centre over the next 20 years.
Branded as the “Green Games” in 2000, SOP demonstrated leading sustainability, including Integrated Water Cycle Management and WSUD.
However, some of the downstream receiving waters from the town centre comprise sensitive ecosystems which are under threat from stormwater pollution, and the effects of climate change – inundation from sea level rise and high flows from intense storms. This impact and degradation will be increased with more intensive development.
SOPA prepared a WSUD Strategy to ensure the urban redevelopment occurs in an Ecologically Sustainable manner. SOPA engaged Storm to undertake a strategic planning and analysis exercise to identify the best suite of options for more contemporary WSUD and Integrated Water Cycle Management.
A key recommendation is for SOP to align with the principles and adopt more of the chracteristics of a Water Sensitive City, i.e.
– cities as water supply catchments,
– cities providing ecosystem services and
– cities comprising water sensitive communities.
Storm recommended that the existing water recycling scheme at SOP be expanded through the harvesting of stormwater from the southern catchments. This would provide multiple benefits not only for potable water reduction, but also reducing flow and pollution impacts on the senstive waterways and ecosystems.
In addition, Storm recommended that a WSUD strategy be adopted comprising state of the art meaures such as:
– WSUD tree pits in the streetscape
– Green walls and roofs
– Bioretention systems
Another major recommendation is the maintenance of existing stormwater and waterway assets. As with most urban waterways, the rapid accumulation of sediment and weeds is degrading parts of these systems and it is imperative that periodic removal be kept up so that pollution is not mobilised through the senstive ecosystems.
The Strategy developed by Storm is comprehensive and designed specifically to facilitate the sustainable re-development of Sydney Olympic Park – lifting is status as a cutting edge environmentally-friendly and livable town centre.