Tanderum Way

Would you like streetscape sustainability with your CBD upgrade?

The Broadmeadows Central Activities District is one of the most intensive urban redevelopment precincts occurring in Australia today.  The surrounding suburbs are booming with development and Hume City Council is keeping pace with the creation of a central hub containing a range of mixed developments and open space areas.

Sustainability is at the heart of this CBD renewal and this is where Storm and Outlines Landscape Architects were brought in to provide a fantastic streetscape space within the education and leisure precinct on Tanderum Way.

Storm’s role was to maximise the available space’s ability to treat stormwater.  This was a difficult task in a crowded streetscape, while also allowing pedestrian and vehicular traffic movements.

In response, Storm devised a street drainage concept containing an inverted crown.  This created the opportunity to divert flow into the central road median, and use this central space as a linear treatment system.  The median is one long bioretention system which filters stormwater and allows it to infiltrate to the ground below.

The surface of the median is either stone mulch or HydroCon permeable pavement.  A hard surface was required that would be durable to high volume pedestrian movement, as it also acts as a pedestrian refuge.  Decorative raised edge strips define the interface between the road and the median.  Footpath areas were drained toward planted trees providing passive watering.

The central green spine and reflective paving act to cool an otherwise hot urban space, reducing the heat island effect, and making the space climate-change friendly.

The result is that despite creating a hardstand space, water quality is drastically improved.

Storm also modelled the system to ensure it catered for the 1:100 year flood flow, which was another constraint to the design.

Storm worked with Council to resolve the civil and environmental engineering interface, with Storm providing civil design construction drawings and specifications.

Out of an entire project cost of $3.6 million, the stormwater elements totalled $285,000, representing excellent value for money for this brilliant and popular streetscape space.


The Tanderum Way was conferred a 2010 Merit Award of Excellence in the category of Stormwater Infrastructure by Stormwater Victoria.


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