Tuggerah Lakes Long Jetty

The foreshore at the Long Jetty is unique in that each adjoining street has a dedicated stormwater outlet directly connected to the Lake

Further, local stormwater from Tuggerah Parade and residential properties flows to open swales and pits and piped to open channels through the foreshore. This has lead to a prolific number of outlets dominating the foreshore and resulting in a poor open space for the community. The fringe vegetation at the outlets is overgrown with casuarinas restricting sunlight and covering the ground with needles. The segmentation of the foreshore created by the open drains undermines the potential for the area to be a spectacular landscape.

The hydraulic conditions are also challenging as the stormwater drains are submerged by the lake. The foreshore is subject to periodic flooding compounded by elevated lakes levels, flat grades and low lying nature of the foreshore.

Storm produced a design that is addressing the stormwater quality issue, the sensitive hydraulic conditions and site aesthetic.

We think this project provides a ‘template’ that is combining water quality treatment, enhanced ecology and the open space connection improvement.