Williamstown Cricket Ground Revisited

We love hearing from our many happy clients and Micah Pendergast from Melbourne Water is always one of them

On a recent visit out to our wetland and stormwater harvesting system at the Williamstown Cricket Ground, he sent us through a photo of the dense vegetation and said “it is looking terrific”.    In his words “…the aquatic vegetation is super dense and healthy.  Hats off to Storm for an excellent design”.

For this project we intercepted an outfall drain into Port Phillip bay and re-directed flows via a Rocla CDS gross pollutant trap into a wetland for treatment.  A pumped offtake then takes flows into a 1ML storage located beneath the actual cricket ground for use as irrigation.  This project was timed to suit the full re-development of the ground including Pavilion and a full depth replacement of the playing surfacing.

We are so proud of this project and love to hear our industry partners are too! Thanks Micah.