About us

Storm is a leading Australian civil and environmental engineering consultancy with a deep commitment to innovative design of water and infrastructure in our environment.

Bringing engineering to life…

Many contemporary consulting engineers are able to mitigate the impacts of infrastructure and development on the environment. Storm goes well beyond that.

Our mantra is that we bring engineering to life. By that, we mean that we engineer the environment to improve it. Through adopting and emulating natural materials and processes, we make environments more resilient to degrading and threatening processes such as erosion and pollution.  As a result, the people that enjoy healthy environments benefit in their everyday lives.That is not where our Mantra ends because our whole business is based on environmental improvement, our team enjoys their work immensely and we enjoy a lively workplace.


Forward thinkers

Successful outcomes arise from commitment, an understanding for future needs and a desire to achieve our clients’ strategic objectives.

Our clients want innovative thinking from their engineering consultants, to achieve this, we go to great lengths to understand the influences and drivers of our industry’s evolution. We keep abreast of policy and legislation changes, new technology developments, research and development. We also understand how external factors such as climate change and natural disasters affect our clients businesses.

Storm has proactively aligned itself with key programs including Melbourne Water’s Living Rivers and research-based projects such as Little Stringybark Creek. The Clearwater capacity building program is another of our partners.  These examples are facilitating the transition to water sensitive cities.

All of this translates to an ever-improving level of response that we provide to our clients.


Storm’s trademark is the tri-leaf emblem in our logo.  The different colours of the “leaves” represent the built, natural and water environments.  This defines our day to day work as we balance competing factors to result in robust engineering and environmental designs. The colour in the centre is the result of combining the three leaves.

Andrew Wills of Wills Brand Design designed our logo and this website, and we can highly recommend him.

Aymeric from saltencrusted built this website, and again, he is great to work with, professional and produces high quality end results.