Gore Creek Stormwater Rehabilitation and Salt Marsh Protection

Storm provided concept and detail design for the stormwater management component of this project, located just north of Sydney

The key threats to the biological health and integrity of saltmarsh wetlands relate mainly to various human activities that occur in the coastal zone or within coastal river catchments. The Gore Creek saltmarshes are threatened mainly by high nutrient loads and sediment loads from the urban runoff.

Additional impacts include dumping of rubbish, deposition of sediment, debris and litter from tidal flushing and creek stormflow discharge.

Encroachment clearing and introduction of weed propagules impacts on the health of the surrounding bushland. There are significant impacts from weeds in the saltmarsh areas.

The Gore creek project address some of the degrading processes for saltmarsh, including:

  • stormwater runoff and water pollutants (nutrient and sediment load)
  • introduction of non-native and invasive species
  • smothering from deposition of litter and sediment

The above photos depict before and after the rehabilitation works.